There was a break-in Saturday night at the VFW Post in Farmington Township.  

The post sits on Route 534, just south of Route 88. 

Suspects gained access to the building early Sunday morning, breaking through a cinder block wall.

Investigators say three safes were taken, one of which had nine World War II-era M1 Garand rifles.

The safes also contained thousands of dollars in cash.

“It’s devastating, unexpected, and of course, it’s quite a blow,” said VFW Post 7200 Quartermaster Bob Anspach. 

He said the stolen weapons are property of the U.S. Army, eight of which are set up to only shoot blanks for ceremonies. 

“Obviously they’re valuable. They have sentimental value to those men who use them at the VFW Hall,” said Trumbull County Detective Sergeant Mike Yannucci. 

Yannucci says it doesn’t appear that the suspects used any doors to exit or enter the building.

“Generally, the employees and most of the members are the only ones that had knowledge of the fact that there was no motion sensor in that room. Come through that door and there is. They didn’t even attempt to come through that door,” Anspach said.

Investigators believe more than one person is involved because the safes are so heavy.

“It’s in a very rural area. There are no homes or other businesses around there or within eye shot of that location to where you know anybody would have seen anything,” Yannucci said.

The Trumbull County Sheriff is investigating. If you have any information, call 330-675-7087.