DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — 2 Ohio cities have been ranked as the top 5 best places to party in the United States, according to a study released by Betsperts.

The top 5 party cities according to the report are:

5. Cleveland, Ohio

4. Mobile, Alabama

3. Cincinnati, Ohio

2. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

1. Saint Louis, Missouri

The report is based on a combination of factors including taxi rates, nightlife attractions, Airbnb rates and casinos to find out which US cities make for the best night out.

Rates were calculated using Tripadvisor’s things to do page for each city, the World Casino Directory for the number of casinos in each city, Numbeo to find out the dollars per km in a taxi multiplied by 1.6 to get a dollars per mile figure, Air DNA to find out the average daily rate for an Airbnb and World Population Review to find populations to calculate the attractions and casinos per 100,000, according to the study.

Cincinnati has been ranked as #3. The city is no stranger to beer, offering over 50 breweries which can be explored in preparation for the evening ahead.

Joint with Pittsburgh, Cincinnati has the cheapest taxi fare at $1.98 per mile to get you home from any of the 22 nightlife attractions per 10,000 people the city has to offer, the study states. The city has an average daily Airbnb rate of $159.

Cleveland has been ranked as #5, with a slightly higher taxi fare of $2.22 per mile. The city has 17 nightlife attractions per 10,000 people, with an average rate of $148 per Airbnb, the study states, securing their spots as top party cities.

Other notable Ohio mentions are Toledo and Akron, which rank #16 and #23 respectively.