(WCMH) – The countdown to Halloween is on, which means people are taking to the internet to find their perfect costume, and search traffic is revealing some interesting insights into what’s trending for the spooky holiday.

Every year, pop culture can play heavily into what gets typed into Google’s search box when Halloween revelers are searching for what to wear on or around Oct. 31.

According to Fathermag.com, the wildly popular multiplayer game “Among Us” became the inspiration for 2020’s must-have ensemble. However, after digging into recent numbers from Google Trends data, the site has declared 2021 “the year of the ‘Squid Game’ costume.”

Specifically, the parenting and lifestyle magazine noted that it “reported on Google Trends data from September 9th through October 9th” of this year, when “Squid Game” began its meteoric rise on Netflix.

As in-demand as “Squid Game” outfits have become, there are some tried-and-true get-ups that are maintaining elite status around the country. In fact, researchers found the “old-time favorite witch costume is the most popular in 19 states, followed by the princess costume, which is the most popular in 10 states.”

The site explained that “Squid Game” garnered just nine states but won the entire U.S. “thanks to its high scores in the nation’s most populous states.”

Ranking fourth, with seven states, was Disney’s Cruella. The interest comes on the heels of a live-action prequel in the “101 Dalmatians” film series, which paints the traditionally evil character in a softer light.

Rounding out the list with two states each, comes DC Comic’s villain Harley Quinn, the once-viral dinosaur and the ever-reliable clown.

For those looking to hop on the “Squid Game” bandwagon, there are lots of options from which to choose: there’s the “Squid Game” contestant, consisting mainly of a green tracksuit; the “Squid Game” guard, which combines a red hooded jumpsuit and a black face mask; the game’s Front Man, who dons a pixilated black mask and a long hooded coat; and finally, the creepy robot girl from the Red Light, Green Light game, which can be created with an orange sleeveless dress, a yellow shirt, white knee socks, black Mary Jane flats and pigtails.

Although there’s sure to be plenty of Ohioans who are inspired by the streaming hit, the research reveals Buckeyes are sticking with the classic witch as the state’s most popular costume.