COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Some areas of the region are getting ready for a second round of winter weather, with the southern part of central Ohio about to deal with more snow.

This means more work for road clearing crews, many of whom have already worked 12-hour shifts earlier this week and are about to work overnight again.

Snow is still on the ground in parts of south-central Ohio as the area braces for another blast of winter weather, the second since Sunday. Forecasts call for up to an inch of fresh snow overnight Wednesday in areas south/southeast of US-22.

“It’s been a busy week so far and we’ve got more on the way, so we’re gearing up for round two,” said Matt McGuire, an Ohio Department of Transportation spokesperson for District 9.

ODOT road crews worked 12 hours on and 12 hours off for Sunday’s storm and they’re going to be working Wednesday into Thursday as well.

“Like this one in isolation is not really heavy accumulation, it’s coming in on top of some warmer temperatures, it should, in theory, be a pretty easy battle for us to win,” McGuire said. “But you are coming out of a more major storm, so there is still some residual snow on the roads.”

McGuire has another job on top of being a spokesperson. Since he has his CDL, when help is needed, he drives a plow truck.

“It’s about 5 a.m., back at the garage, just refilled my truck with salt, getting ready to head back out on the roads, continue plowing and treating,” he said in a Facebook video earlier this week.

McGuire is one of those who worked Sunday night. After running a route, he provided an update while outside his truck. When he stops back at the garage, he can give updates on what conditions are like on the roadways.

“It’s been really excellent for me because I kind of get to do double duty,” he said. “What I’m seeing as a driver out in the field, and I also think it helps provide kind of a unique perspective when you see someone who’s behind the wheel driving one of these plows.”

As always, McGuire’s reminder for people on the roads is to give plows plenty of room to allow them to clear the roadways.