PAINESVILLE, Ohio (WKBN) – An Ohio barber has made getting a haircut a truly unique and convenient experience.

Imagine stepping out of your house and onto a bus for a haircut on Ohio’s first solar mobile barbershop.

Dub the Artisan, of Painesville, has completely transformed an 8-row, 12-passenger bus into the Solar Mobile Studio. The bus is powered by three solar panels mounted on the roof. He said he wanted to do something different and save on fuel.

“I just kind of wanted to think out of the box rather than use up my engine and use up the gas or a generator or anything of that nature for fumes,” he said.

Dub first decided he wanted to become a barber when he started barber school in 2014. While in school, he used his own car to travel to cut clients’ hair. He purchased the bus last April and has been working day in and day out getting it ready for his clients. He has big plans for the mobile barbershop.

“I could go to a nursing home. I could help people cut their hair there and provide my services. Schools, colleges, fairs, everywhere,” he said.

He hopes to make his clients’ lives easier by traveling to them.

“The luxury of that is the convenience of everything. You don’t have to turn your key,” he said.

For Dub, it’s so much more than cutting hair. He lost his father in 2019, who was an important figure in his life. He says this solar mobile barbershop has been his safe space and has truly been a labor of love.

“I couldn’t find any type of help that I needed at the time, so I decided to do it myself, learn more, put all that energy into something positive and here I am,” Dub said.

Dub hopes he inspires others to take a chance on their dreams as he did. He plans to start taking clients on the bus by next month and will be traveling to Youngstown and throughout Ohio.

“I plan on being all over as long as my wheels can move, I will be there,” he said.