TARLTON, Ohio (WCMH) – Many neighbors in the Village of Tarlton in Pickaway and Fairfield counties are coping with the aftermath left in their hometown after severe storms this weekend.

Some remain without power, are cleaning up, and stepping up to help their neighbors in a time of need.

The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touched down in southern Pickaway County just north of Kingston. The damage in Tarlton, according to the NWS, was caused by straight-line winds with speeds of between 60 and 70 miles per hour.

One couple, Sharon and Randal Ransburgh, said they are thankful to be alive. The couple received alerts on their phones early Saturday morning, allowing them to rush to safety.

The couple cares for their mother, who is in her 70s. Had she been alone, the turnout could have been much different.

Though tempted to check out the storm damage, the Randburghs followed their instincts and stayed in the basement. It wasn’t until the sunrise when they could see the damage with their own eyes.

“It was kind of a shock that Tarlton, this little, tiny town, got hit by a tornado,” Sharon said.

Sharon’s car was completely destroyed, three windows in the home were shattered, part of the home’s roof was damaged, and the power box fell off the home.

Catherine Emerson, who lives nearby, said she never experienced a storm of this magnitude.

“It scared me to death,” Emerson said. “My son and grandson who live with me… we didn’t have anywhere to go, so we just went between the washer and the wall.”

Despite the bad night, they said they’re thankful they have a community behind them, helping and offering support.