WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — A puppy is safe after being rescued from a locked car over the weekend. Responding officers noted in a police report that it appeared as if the pup had been there for a week or so.

Other than being underweight, three-month-old Lucky the puppy is fairly healthy. She was rescued from a locked car Sunday afternoon, when someone called 911.

“I’m at … Southern Boulevard visiting a friend, and there is a Cadillac here in her parking lot with a dog in it, its ribs are showing. The windows are all the way rolled up. I thought it was a stuffed animal,” the caller said.

Healthy Hearts and Paws Project founder Jason Cooke was contacted to help Warren Police officers with the pup.

“When I got there I couldn’t believe it this beautiful puppy was just in this car and the vehicle was locked,” Cooke said.

According to a police report, the owner of the car didn’t know there was a dog inside, and his brother had the keys. Firefighters responded to help get the dog out.

“She’s darn lucky because if somebody wouldn’t have called then she probably would have died,” Cooke said. “It looked like she’d been in there for days. There was a torn-up bag of dog food, feces throughout the car, she was extremely thirsty and she was very happy to be out of there.”

Lucky is now safe and receiving care through the Healthy Hearts and Paws Project.

“No animal deserves to be put in that type of situation and hopefully whoever’s responsible will be held accountable and get the message out that animal cruelty is not tolerated anywhere, especially in Trumbull County.”

No charges have been filed in connection to the case.