COLUMBUS (WCMH) – There was disruption at the Ohio Statehouse Tuesday as the Ohio Senate prepares to hold its first hearing on an anti-abortion measure, with nearly 100 people marching on capitol grounds.

One of the bills spurring frustration is Senate Bill 123, which has been labeled “trigger legislation,” meaning if the U.S. Supreme Court was to overturn Roe v. Wade, this bill would make abortion illegal in Ohio.

Protesters said this type of legislation is not what Ohioans want, so they chanted in the Senate chamber, hoping lawmakers would hear them.

But some say Ohio is a pro-life state and Senate Bill 123 is the obvious next step.

“Stop wasting our taxpayer dollars on mediocre bills and actually do what it takes to make Ohio equitable,” protester Jasmine Henderson said.

“Time and time again, pro-lifers have been elected in Ohio and it’s getting pretty clear down here that this is the type of policy that the voters want,” said Aaron Baer, president of Center for Christian Virtue.

The hearing on Senate Bill 123 will be held Wednesday morning in the Senate Health Committee, at which time, the sponsors of the bill will speak.