(NBC) – Tonight, “Dateline” is enlisting your help for more information on a 30-year-old case.

In Ohio, investigators have searched over decades for answers in the disappearance and murder of 10-year-old elementary school student Amy Mihaljevic. By retracing Amy’s steps from the day she was kidnapped, “Dateline” and the investigators hope viewers might be able to help solve the case.

Here is a preview of Josh Mankiewicz’s report:

MARK SPAETZEL: You see here these are all boxes of leads and they’re all numbered. So the first lead we ever got in the case, going all the way down to, we’re well past 10,000 leads.

JOSH MANKIEWICZ: And so these have all been checked out?

MARK SPAETZEL: These have all been checked.

Mark Spaetzel was a patrol officer here in Bay Village, Ohio when Amy disappeared. He worked the case for decades, along with a team of investigators including detective Jay Elish and FBI agent Phil Torsney.

JOSH MANKIEWICZ: I know it kind of goes against your creed to be opening up the evidence locker and showing pieces of evidence to reporters.

JAY ELISH: We feel that the benefit would be to show people what we have, and what we’re looking for.

JOSH MANKIEWICZ: You’re willing to listen to anybody about anything involving things they remember from back then?

PHIL TORSNEY: there’s a lot of evidence, there’s a lot of good work been done on this but these things always involve one missing piece of a puzzle. And if somebody could bring that to us even now, we’re happy to get it, and we want it.

It’s a piece they’ve been searching for forever, since October 27, 1989, the day Amy’s mom came home from work to find her daughter missing and called everyone in the neighborhood.

JOSH MANKIEWICZ: And she sounds different.

JEANNE SILVER: Hysterical. Hysterical. “Is Amy there? Is Amy there? Please tell me if Amy’s there.” “No, she’s not. I’m sorry. I– where is she? Why– why are you looking for her?” “She never came home from school. She never came home from school. I– I don’t know what to do.”

Tonight, investigators will reveal the piece of evidence they hope will help solve the case. Watch “Dateline” Friday at 10 p.m. And if you know anything about Amy’s case, tune in to see how you might be able to help.