COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Ohio sibling singing group, Girl Named Tom, formally paid tribute to their father, Chris Liechty, in an emotional Instagram post that featured two throwback photos and a touching statement after his death.

The first black and white photo shows Chris, in what appears to be a circa 1980s snapshot, wearing shorts, a T-shirt and Nike Cortez sneakers, surrounded by a drum set with a sly grin on his face. The second photo, also black and white, shows a bespectacled Chris relaxing on a sofa while reading a book to Bekah, Joshua and Caleb, as small children.

“It’s been 2 weeks now since his last breath and we are taking time to feel his absence,” the post’s description begins. “Leaning on each other and letting tears fall, as our hearts break over and over. At the same time, we remember his joy. We feel his smile and we let the laughter ring – how did we get so lucky to have him as our dad? A genuine, kind, wonderful man.

“As we reflect on his life, we are finding even more purpose in what we do as Girl Named Tom. Even in his last days, our dad made sure to tell us to go on and play the shows we had coming up in Ohio. This tells you just how deeply he loved us and believed in us. That’s something we will carry with us. Everywhere we go, Dad will have a front row seat. When the magic happens, he’s there. When we break down in the green room, he’s there. We are not leaving him behind, we are taking him with us. It is an honor to carry on his legacy.”

The trio’s first post about their father’s death was on Jan. 29, when they opened up in a video recorded before their show at The Holland Theatre in Bellefontaine, Ohio.

“We just wanted to come out here and say thank you so much for all of your condolences and sympathy and kindness you’ve showered us with this whole process honestly,” Bekah began in the clip. “And we are so honored to be at The Holland Theatre tonight.” 

“Yeah, we have three shows the weekend after our father passed, which you may be wondering why we would do that,” said Caleb. “We are too, sort of, but we want to be able to get them out of the way so that we can really throw ourselves into processing his death and planning for his memorial service, which is coming up in the next weekend. So that’s really important to us.”

“And he really wanted us to do these shows,” said Joshua. “He was talking about his death and he was like, ‘Do not let my death deter you from doing these shows.’ He didn’t get his wish on Thursday night.”

“Yeah, we canceled one, sorry, Dad,” apologized Caleb.

“But he’ll be with us tonight and tomorrow, and so we’re just happy to be able to sing while we’re still here and sing for him and for everybody else too,” concluded Joshua.

Girl Named Tom made history on Season 21 of “The Voice” in December 2021 as the first group to ever win the competition.

In January, the Pettisville, Ohio group, appeared on  “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to talk about their whirlwind fame and future plans. They also shared the extraordinary experience of celebrating their victory with their father who was hospitalized in his battle with cancer.

“Oh yeah, I mean, not even 24 hours after we won ‘The Voice’ on that stage, we got to be in the hospital room with our dad, all of our family together and that was very, like, surreal, just to share that moment with them,” said Bekah.

Caleb added, “They were a huge part of like getting us through the experience with ‘The Voice’ and so to go back and then like, share love with them in that room was so special.”

“He said he woke up the entire hospital when we won, screaming,” revealed Bekah. “Yeah, it’s like everybody’s sleeping, but he was like, ‘Yeah!’”