TOLEDO, OH (WCMH) — An Ohio woman is suing the band Insane Clown Posse claiming she was hit with a two-liter bottle of Faygo during a concert, knocking her unconscious.

Andrea Walker attended the concert in Toledo, Ohio about three years ago, WTOL-TV reports. She’s now suing for several hundred-thousand dollars in damages.

ICP is known to use Faygo at its shows, shaking up the bottles before spraying the crowd with the soft drink.

But Walker claims an unopened bottle was hurled into the crowd, hitting her in the chest. Walker claims she passed out, hit the concrete floor, and left the concert with life threatening injuries.

Walker says her friend, Andrew Sautter, witnessed the incident, WTVG-TV reports.

“Over a period of less than half the song, the two liters started to come and she was injured,” Andrew Sautter said. “I saw some of the fans grabbing two liter bottles out of the popcorn bucket holders both tossing some into the crowd and chucking them as hard as they could to propel them as far as they could into the crowd.”

Walker’s attorney says she missed 11 weeks of work. She ended up with 8 stitches and a cast on her right arm, WTOL-TV reports.

“My client missed a significant amount of work, she had some significant injuries and she has some permanent scars that she’ll carry with her forever,” said attorney Zach Murry. “Allowing individuals on the stage at a show is akin to giving a switchblade to a kindergarten class. You don’t know how it’s going to end but it’s going to end poorly.”

The band’s lawyers tell WTVG-TV that what happens at the show is not a surprise.

“The evidence will show Ms. Walker was familiar, was aware of the group, Insane Clown posse the lead act which included Faygo being sprayed on the crowd,” ICP lawyer Mark Jacobs said.