Police arrested a Struthers woman on Thursday after accusations that she beat her 11-month-old child and then choked her other daughter.

Nicole Redeske, 33, is charged with child endangering.

Police said the initial incident was reported on July 9.

Redeske’s teenage daughter reported that Redeske punched and hit her infant sister multiple times because she was upset about her knocking over a lamp. She said she also flipped the playpen over, hitting the baby in the head with it. 

Police went to Redeske’s E. Parkcliffe Avenue home to investigate, but Redeske denied the assault and the child didn’t have any visible injuries, according to a police report. 

Children Services was notified and also began an investigation.

Police said when they returned to the home to continue their investigation, they found that Redeske had taken her children to St. Petersburg, Florida to avoid investigators.

While in Florida, the teenage daughter called 911 to report that Redeske tried to strangle her, leaving marks on her neck. Redeske then ran with her other two children, according to the report. 

She was arrested by Youngstown police on Friday, and the children were taken into Children Services’ custody for their safety.

Police noted that Children Services is working to find a permanent placement for them.