SANDUSKY, Ohio (WKBN) – Cedar Point was within its rights to alter dates of operation and shut down rides during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

Laura Valentine, who purchased a season pass in 2020, sued the park’s parent company, Cedar Fair for not honoring her pass. She alleged that the company breached its contract with season pass holders.

The state ordered the park to close in March 2020 during the pandemic.

State justices determined that the park was not bound to reopen at that time and that Cedar Fair reserved the right to change its operating dates without notice and to close its rides and attractions “for weather and other conditions.”

Cedar Point did open for season pass holders in July 2020, after the shutdown was lifted, so Valentine would have been able to use the season pass, even if the 2020 season was shorter than she expected, the Court ruled.

Chelsea Simeon contributed to this report.