COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — An Ohio sheriff’s department is going viral for a tongue-in-cheek social media post on April 20, which is widely known as “4/20,” a cultural holiday celebrated by many cannabis users.

The post on the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page displayed a picture of an empty printer paper box held up by a stick above a plate of chocolate chip cookies, an ice cream sundae and nacho cheese chips. On the empty box the word “free” is placed next to another picture of a chocolate chip cookie. Also written on the box is the phrase “not a trap.”

(Courtesy Photo/Lucas County Sheriff’s Office)

The caption contains several puns related to marijuana, such as “Weed be crazy not to put some traps out today!

“To be blunt, legalization is not within our powers, but taking you to our joint on Spielbusch is,” the post continues. “Doobie careful if you are hanging out with Mary Jane or Bud. It would be dope if you just made good choices.”

The online item has more than a thousand reactions, hundreds of shares and several comments from amused followers.

“This is AMAZING! Hahahahaha,” wrote one visitor.

“Just realized it’s 4.20,” noted another viewer.

“I feel like I was just warned by my Dad,” commented someone from an account called “The City of Toledo Department of Memes.”

The post also serves as a warning and a reinforcement of Ohio laws for anyone inclined to drive under the influence of marijuana.

“Driving while ‘high’ is unacceptable and against the law,” the message states. “Yes, we have heard it before. It’s natural, legal in Michigan, would generate a lot of tax money (if legal), and we should make it legal in Ohio.”

Additionally, the post offers help to “anyone needing assistance with drug addiction” with the number for the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office D.A.R.T. Unit and the chance for a reward or “possibly a family-sized bag of snack chips/cookies today” if readers want to turn in their “drug dealer.”