HAMILTON, Ohio (WCMH) — An Ohio judge has refused to order a Butler County hospital to continue to give Ivermectin to a patient with COVID-19.

Judge Michael Oster denied a request Monday for a preliminary injunction from the patient’s wife, WLWT of Cincinnati reported. Oster said he felt sympathetic toward the patient’s family but that his decision was in line with state law.

The patient, a 51-year-old man from Fairfield Township, is in the ICU at University of Cincinnati West Chester Hospital. He was diagnosed with COVID-19 on July 9, was admitted to the hospital six days later and has been on a ventilator for over 30 days.

Last month, the patient’s wife obtained a prescription from a Centerville physician for Ivermectin, but the hospital refused to administer it until the wife received a 14-day order from a different judge. The hospital refused again to give it after that order expired.

The CDC has warned against using Ivermectin to treat COVID-19, saying it’s not an anti-viral drug and could be dangerous if used improperly. Ivermectin is primarily used in animals to treat or prevent parasites. It has been approved for humans for conditions caused by parasitic worms.

The patient’s wife said her husband had previously been treated with Remdesivir, steroids and plasma without improvement.

Oster said he could not agree to the order but advised that the patient could be moved to a different hospital where he could be directly treated by the doctor who prescribed the Ivermectin if the family wished.