COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Ohio Auditor Keith Faber has released that the Department of Medicaid made millions of dollars in improper payments to prisoners and deceased people over a three-year period.  

A release from Faber’s office says the Ohio Department of Medicaid failed to recoup more than $118.5 million in erroneous duplicate payments or improperly paid for the managed care of prison inmates and deceased residents during the time frame.

“While $118.5 million might be a drop in the bucket for the Department of Medicaid, for Ohioans that is a lot of money – taxpayer money – that needs to be accounted for,” stated Faber in the release. “That’s enough money to cover 1.8 million doctor’s office visits, 2.4 million prenatal appointments for expecting moms, 1.6 million mammograms, 1.3 million pairs of prescription glasses, 148,000 sets of dentures, 1.3 million drug addiction counseling sessions or 1.3 million hours of in-home nursing care – the kinds of services eligible residents need and Medicaid provides.”

The total included close to $101 million in Medicaid payments for prisoners in Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction facilities, nearly $3.4 million in payments for Ohioans who had died, and an estimated $14.5 million in duplicate payments for residents with multiple identification numbers in ODM’s systems.

A full copy of the report, along with ODM’s response, is available here.