COLUMBUS (WCMH)– The cost of a gallon of gas will go up 10.5 cents per gallon on Monday and 19 cents per gallon for diesel fuel.

The increase comes after lawmakers approved the transportation budget, which included Ohio’s new gas tax.

The transportation budget was debated, ridiculed, and negotiated.

Both the state house and senate voted, and it was finally signed by the governor on April 3. The issue was increasing the Ohio gas tax.

The resolve went from more than 18 cents a gallon to 10.5 cents per gallon.

The increase begins on Monday, July 1. That is a 37.5% increase from 28 cents to 38.5 cents per gallon.

Surrounding StatesAvg Price
West Virginia$2.63

According to governor Mike DeWine, the increase was needed to pay for road construction projects. Anyone who has driven the I-71 corridor between Grove City and Jeffersonville, Ohio, experienced a body jolting ride that rivaled any amusement park ride. Now, the stretch between exits 84 and 75 in both directions is being redone. Projects similar to this would have been put on hold.

Projects that would have been deferred:

PauldingSR-114$2,173,189Bridge replacement
LucasI-280 (VGCS)$21,600,000Bridge repair
StarkI-77/US-62/SR-687$2,000,000Bridge repair
MarionUS-23$5,001,000Bridge deck replacement
MontgomeryI-75$19,436,491Bridge deck replacement
WarrenUS-22$6,650,000Bridge repair
CuyahogaI-71 – Various$7,700,000Bridge painting
CuyahogaI-90 – Various$55,000,000Bridge painting
CuyahogaI-90 over GCRTA line$3,700,000Bridge painting
GuernseyUS-22/SR-800/Salt Fork SP$7,661,626Road resurfacing
ClarkUS-40$6,407,000Road resurfacing
MontgomeryI-75$5,465,000Road resurfacing
PikeSR-32$2,183,845Road resurfacing
MorganSR-376$2,929,500Road resurfacing
TuscarawasI-77 $2,812,453Bridge deck replacement
ColumbianaUS-30$1,200,000Bridge deck replacement
AshtabulaUS-6$1,978,000Bridge maintenance
District 3Various$1,878,105 Bridge repair
CrawfordUS-30 Bridge painting
MedinaI-71 Bridge painting
WayneSR-302 Bridge painting
RichlandI-71 Bridge painting
WayneSR-3 Bridge painting
Source: Ohio Department
of Transportation

As of Wednesday, the average gas price in Ohio is 2.614 per gallon in Ohio and $2.562 in Franklin County, according to AAA. The lowest prices are generally found in Northeast Ohio and the highest in Southeast Ohio.

Nationally the average price is $2.684. The increase would keep Ohio within the range of surrounding states.