CINCINNATI (WCMH) – The search for possible monkeys on the loose in Cincinnati has stopped for now, but a video posted on Facebook appears to show what could be a group of primates sitting in trees.

The clip, posted just after 11 p.m. on Wednesday by Sammy Trinh, shows at least three shadowy animals perched high in the branches.

Trinh and other witnesses heard on the video seem convinced the animals are monkeys.

Trinh’s post reads, “Only in price hill there was real life wild life monkeys swinging outside and they was big … walking down the side walk and street and all and they was swinging outside my house.”

Witnesses can be heard commenting, “They were swinging from the trees,” and, “Look there’s three of them right there.”

The animals can also be heard making chittering noises in the video.

On Thursday Cincinnati police expressed some skepticism after being unable to locate them.

“It may be some misinformation, but we are taking it very seriously,” Sgt. Joseph Hicks said.

The Cincinnati Zoo and a local animal warden helped in the search, and police said they had no reports from primate owners. Some wondered if a video posted on Facebook may have shown wild turkeys in the trees, not monkeys.