YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN)- It’s been an emotional week for Youngstown resident Nichole Danko after she found her dog after they were separated for six months.

Way back in October, her and her dog Tank were involved in a car accident right on Mahoning Avenue. The dog was ok but was lost for a few days and she spent a few days in the hospital.

Due to her injuries she wasn’t able to look for him. Nichole said she was hoping for the best, but thought the worst.

After going to the pound and making several calls to numerous places she thought someone else had found him and decided to keep him. She didn’t think she’d ever see him again.

Turns out, he had actually stayed right in the area of the car accident on Mahoning Avenue near Paladin Brewery. He was just ten months old at the time.

According to the Mahoning County Dog Warden, they received a call from someone who had spotted him a few days after the accident. They picked him up and brought him back to the pound.

At the time, the Mahoning County Dog Warden knew nothing about Nichole’s car accident. All they knew was he was a lost dog like so many others. Fast forward to a couple of days ago and they received a phone call from Nichole who happened to come across one of their Facebook posts.

She immediately recognized a picture they had posted of her dog Tank!

“We see so many sad things that we really cherish when something like this happens, to see him so happy to see her was amazing, said Lisa Hill, Kennell Manager of the Mahoning County Dog Warden.

After confirming that the location of the accident matched where Tank was found, Nichole and her boyfriend went right over to the Mahoning County Dog Warden’s Office and confirmed it was in fact him!

We were told that the dog had been named Wilson by those at the Mahoning County Dog Warden’s Office, but as soon as they learned his real name was Tank they began referring to him as just that. He remembered his name and responded with a tail wag! Tank adjusted well while he was at the pound and kept a positive attitude.

Nichole picked tank up at the office Thursday evening. WKBN discussed the reunion and it was evident Tank was happy to be home. He was showering Nichole with lots of kisses. Tank kept a positive attitude while at the pound and didn’t less kennel stress get to him. Hill said this is exactly why they do what they do. They love for the dogs to get into great homes and be reunited with their owners if it’s possible. Though Lisa said a situation like Nichole’s is rare and not one they see often.

Friday morning, Tank is right at home where he belongs.

“He won’t leave my side, which I hope it stays like that. So he’s comfortable, he’s going to get used to staying at home,” Nichole said.