SUMMIT COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) – A recent discovery of a deceased woman’s ballot leads to the discovery of hundreds of others listed as active voters in one Ohio county.

Among the thousands who cast ballots in Summit County for the November General Election was Northfield resident Carol Liederbach, whose absentee ballot, according to Summit County Board of Elections records, was received Oct. 16, with the confirmation that it is being included in the election results.

The Board of Elections since learned that the ballot was requested and returned months after Liederbach’s death.

During a Feb. 2 meeting, the board said, “We also have in our possession a completed absentee voter identification form that was proported to be completed on Oct. 13, 2020, signed also by Carol Liederbach, which is now four months thereabouts after her passing.”

The revelation triggered an investigation by the Board of Elections and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office to find out who requested and completed the ballot.

It also revealed something else.

“We then started the process and audited the entire 2020 to determine and properly delete all deceased voters that we had missed, which is in the vicinity of 650 voters,” the board said.

People who voted in Summit but died in a different county.

The board informed that of the 650 voters, Liederbach was the only one whose name showed up as having voted.

The board assured that procedures have been changed to catch the error in the future, while the matter of Liederbach’s mysterious vote remains under investigation.

“Nobody has yet confessed to, on the record, for forging these signatures and submitting these forms,” the board said.

The ballot was mailed from the woman’s home, and family members have offered testimony to the Board of Elections investigating the forged ballot.