YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Police, humane agents and housing officials took a dead dog out of a South Side home Friday while serving a search warrant.

The warrant was served in the 200 block of E. Boston Ave. by Animal Charity as part of an investigation.

The dog was left in the house locked in a closet.

The stench was so overpowering that some people on the street were puking.

“It was in the upstairs closet in the back of the house with the door locked. Probably three feet by maybe six feet with one container of water in it,” said Mahoning County Deputy Dog Warden Dave Nelson.

Jane MacMurchy with Animal Charity said they started their investigation after receiving multiple reports. Animal Charity issued a search warrant with the help of Youngstown police and the Mahoning County Dog Warden.

“Based off of the decomposition from just our experience in the field, it’s not been extremely long. This is not something that’s been going on for longer than maybe, were the animals deceased maybe a week,” said MacMurchy.

An iguana and snakeskin were also found inside.

MacMurchy said they’ve checked the house twice but couldn’t find the snakes though they will continue to investigate the situation.

“At this time we could not find any. The enclosures that they should have been in were empty and we did do a thorough search of the entire property looking for them but they were unable to be located,” said MacMurchy.

MacMurchy said nobody was home at the time but the house is a rental property and someone has been residing there.

Nelson said they’ve heard from neighbors the resident left the home about three weeks ago.

“We wish that the reports would have come in sooner so that way we could have done something sooner but we are gonna do our best to get justice for the animal that did not make it and the animal that we have in our custody that did make it,” said MacMurchy.

Charges are expected to be filed.