LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) — Wheel on down to the Columbiana County Fair this weekend for food, fun and pig races!

Twice a day, the little oinkers take to the ring. These little piggies came down to the Columbiana County Fair to run.

Charles Beam has been racing pigs for the last 12 years and does it professionally.

“Boone Hall Festival — the Strawberry Festival in South Carolina. They wanted some pig races, so I built one in the wintertime for their strawberry festival, and we’ve been at it ever since,” Beam said.

Beam says pigs are highly trainable.

“Pigs are really smart. People don’t give them the credit they deserve. You can train them to race in one or two days with the Oreos,” Beam said.

Beam’s daughter Marleigh said she has a favorite:

“It’s a girl, and her name is Bacon,” she said.

For the race, Charles Beam chooses children at random from the crowd and they pick a color — or a “pig”-ment — that corresponds with a pig. The winners get to feed the animals at the petting zoo for free, saving their parents from breaking the piggy bank.

And the crowd goes “hog wild” as the pigs round the track.

Spectator Bair Salazar: “I think they were so funny.”
Reporter Desirae Gostlin: “They were funny. Why were they funny?”
Salazar: “Because they were running all the way across, over there.”

You can watch the pig races every night at the fair, and shows last a little less than 20 minutes.