CINCINNATI, Ohio (WCMH) — Bibi, the mother of the internet-famous hippo, Fiona, gave birth to another calf Wednesday at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.

A social media post announced the delivery with a video of the mother and baby captioned, “Our bloat got a little bigger last night! Bibi gave birth around 10pm and all seems to be going well for Mom and baby so far. They will remain off habitat for about 2 weeks to bond. Stay tuned for more updates.”

The “bloat,” which refers to the collective name for a group of hippos, is now up to four at the zoo including the new calf’s father, mother Bibi, and big sister Fiona.

The newborn hippopotamus arrived into the world full-term, unlike sister Fiona, who rose to fame after her premature birth in 2017, the zoo noted in a news release.

“This new calf weighs at least twice as much as Fiona did and is already walking,” said Christina Gorsuch, director of animal care.

The 23-year-old cow’s latest pregnancy was revealed in April by the zoo. Bibi was given hormone supplements and received regular ultrasounds “to monitor the growth and health of the fetus,” all to ensure her pregnancy was healthy.

“Bibi and the baby, yet to be named, will spend the next two weeks bonding behind the scenes,” said Gorsuch. “A female would take her newborn away from the bloat for about that amount of time in the wild, and we try to give Bibi the choice to do what feels natural to her.”

A male hippo named Tucker who arrived at the zoo in September 2021, fathered the half-sibling to Fiona after breeding with Bibi, who was still on birth control, the zoo revealed in April.

“We weren’t planning to welcome a baby this soon, but nature found a way and ignored our calendar,” said Gorsuch at the time. “Most forms of contraception, in hippos or humans, is not 100% reliable. The dose that was previously effective for Bibi did not prevent pregnancy this time.”

Fiona was born six weeks early and weighed 29 pounds. She now weighs 2,000 pounds according to the zoo. Her father, Henry, died in October 2017 at 36.