SHARONVILLE, Ohio (WLWT) —A pastor in Sharonville has been charged with sexually assaulting a juvenile member of the church.

That teen girl’s father talked with WLWT about his family’s pain, and their broken trust and faith.

He said he reported the incident to police.

Cesar Guerrero, 38, was arrested Wednesday and faced a judge Thursday.

It’s an arrest that the victim’s father thinks is just the beginning of a twisted situation.

“Angry, frustrated, can’t believe. You don’t believe in God no more,” the father said.

WLWT is not identifying the father of the victim or the victim in this case.

The father told us he learned Tuesday night that his 17-year-old daughter had been sexually assaulted.

Guerrero, pastor of the Mision Cristiana El Calvario Church in Sharonville, faced a judge after investigators said he used his influence to have sex with a minor.

The father we talked with said he believes there are more victims.

“He’s been using God’s word to tell the girls to do sexual things and the girls really thought that was coming from God,” he said.

Prosecutors in this case said Guerrero took the victim into his office alone.

They said he told the victim he was a “Prophet of God” and she needed to be cleansed with Bible scripture and prayers because she was molested as a child.

The cleansing, according to investigators, included the teen performing sex acts.

The teen’s father said his daughter also received inappropriate text messages from Guerrero.

He is asking his other young girls if they’ve experienced anything similar, and he hopes other victims will come forward.

“He was doing horrible things inside the room. That makes you think, if God exists, God wouldn’t let this person do things like that,” he said.

Police said Guerrero confessed to the sexual acts.

The father we talked with said it was routine for Guerrero to take people into his office to share a “message from God.”

Guerrero is charged with three counts of sexual battery.

His case heads to a grand jury later this month.

The teen’s father begs anyone who may have been a victim to contact Sharonville police at 513-563-1147.