COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A new law signed Thursday increases the number of times the BMV will ask if you would donate your organs, tissue and eyes. The organ donor license plate fee also increases.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed into law State Representative Kyle Koehler’s (R-Springfield) House Bill 21, which supports raising awareness for the importance of organ donation.

First, the bill directs the BMV to increase the number of times the deputy registrar asks an individual if they would like to become an organ donor, the governor’s office said in a media release.

Second, it increases the amount a person is asked to voluntarily donate from $1 to $2 when they are applying for or renewing their driver’s license.

And finally, it increases the annual contribution for the “Donate Life” license plate from $5 to $15.

The voluntary donations benefit the Second Chance Trust Fund, a fund established in 1997 that supports various projects through Ohio that raise awareness for the importance of organ, eye and tissue donation.

“I’ve worked on this issue for over six years now and I’m proud to see this bill finally become law,” said Koehler. “Organ donation saves lives every single day, and I’m excited for House Bill 21 to help educate folks before they are faced with the decision to support this vital cause.”

Funds from the Second Chance Trust Fund are used to ensure all Ohioans have the information they need to understand the importance of organ donation and to make an educated decision when it comes to organ donation.

Across the United States 20 people a day die waiting for a transplant. House Bill 21 would help raise awareness for organ donation, while providing funding through voluntary donations to the Second Chance Trust Fund.

“Adding a box to check on a form or a question on an online response is not a cost that can be quantified for somebody waiting for a life-saving organ,” said Koehler.

The bill passed unanimously through the Senate and passed 92-1 in a concurrent vote from the House, the media release concluded.