COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)-Ohio’s new congressional map has been tossed out by the state’s supreme court.

The justices said the map was gerrymandered and favored Republicans. They were responsible for drawing the map and this violates rules that the voters chose.

In 2018 Ohioans overwhelmingly voted for change, after the previous congressional map was known for its odd shapes and sizes.

Today, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that lawmakers failed to create a fair map that does not favor one party or the other.

The map, signed by Governor Mike DeWine, was expected to deliver Republicans a 12-3 majority of congressional seats.

In a 4-3 decision, the court instructed lawmakers to redraw the map. They’ll have 30 days to accomplish the task. If they fail, the Ohio Redistricting Commission will be tasked with redrawing the map.

“It’s a lot harder to draw a map that’s rigged for political outcome than it is to draw a map that keep communities whole and respect the rights of voters,” said Jen Miller who is the Executive Director for the League of Women Voters of Ohio. “It would be my hope that they get on it right away.”

Both representatives for the Senate President and the House Speaker said they are reviewing the decision by the court.