An Ohio woman got a scary surprise Monday morning. She opened her front door to find her taxidermic animals staring back at her.

Police said it was part of a strange break-in they’re investigating.

Someone broke into the house Mindy Marshall is remodeling, stole a radio and rearranged some of her stuffed animals.

“I walked in the front door like normal and the first thing I saw straight ahead was the window propped open with a box,” she said.

Inside was the stuffed deer head Marshall and her fiancé own. She realized her house had been broken into and called the police.

“They stole some money, a jar and then I believe a stereo system or a speaker system,” Chief John Norman said.

That’s not all officers found. The thief or thieves had rearranged Marshall’s other taxidermic animals, even adding their own touch to some of them.

A boar’s head had been moved and a beer had been placed in a raccoon’s hands. That led officers to some answers.

“The beer was still cold so it was obviously taken out of the refrigerator and placed in the raccoon’s hand. It was still cold so the time was probably right around close to when we received the call,” Norman said.

Though it may be laughable to some, this is no joke to Marshall.

“I could’ve walked into this by myself if they were still there for that amount of time. That they had time to arrange everything like that, that’s scary for me,” she said.

While it seemed the thief or thieves had time, there were several valuables they didn’t steal.

Marshall said the incident was odd and, possibly, personal.

“Immediately in my mind, I thought, ‘This is someone who knows us or who would take the time to do this and not really worry about getting caught.'”

If they are caught, they could face a felony burglary charge.

Marshall and her neighbors are working with police to find who’s responsible. Some of the neighbors have security cameras and they plan to give any useful footage to officers.