One of several handgun laws proposed for testimony Wednesday includes allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry a handgun on college campuses, at churches and day-cares.

It is called Ohio House Bill 48, and it is already becoming a lightning rod for those for and against guns in certain public places.

The two biggest local campuses, The Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College have code of conduct rules forbidding weapons on campus and in parking lots.  A bill sponsor calls these “unarmed victim zones.”

House Representative Ron Maag says these zones force law abiding citizens to leave their firearms at home.

The proposed bill would also allow permit holders to carry at places of worship, day-cares, some government buildings and private airplanes.

“These are reasonable, practical changes to gun laws in this state. The aim is to close loopholes in concealed carry regulations and ensure that those legally permitted to possess a weapon are able to exercise their Second Amendment right.”

Four students NBC4 talked to near Columbus State Community College were divided as to whether firearms should be allowed on campus. One said it is a Second Amendment right, another claimed people have a higher chance of being killed while carrying a firearm, whether it is legal or illegal.

“Anybody can pull the trigger and kill anybody any day,” Shaquille Alexander said. “You never know what they are going to use it for. It should not be around this environment.”

The bill heard sponsor testimony at 2 p.m. Wednesday in the House Government Committee hearing room.