WESTERVILLE, OH (WCMH) — A man with HIV sits in jail Tuesday evening on a 75,000 bond. Thorsha Cartharn is charged with assault for having sex with a woman and not telling her he was HIV positive. Westerville police are concerned and asking for the public’s help.

Police say Cartharn had sexual relations with a Westerville woman in February of this year but has had HIV since 2015 and they believe there could be more victims out there.

“It needs to get out to the public because anyone who might have had or been involved with an at risk behavior with Mr. Cartharn needs to know so they can go get themselves tested,” said Lieutenant Charles Chandler of the Westerville Division of Police.

Police tell us back in May Thorsha Cartharn felt sick and his girlfriend at the time drove him to St. Anne’s.

“Had apparently taking him to the emergency room and became interested in some prescriptions she had seen and research those prescriptions and found that they prescriptions were used to treat HIV and of course became frightened,” said Lieutenant Chandler.

Reports state she went and got tested then asked Cartharn if he had HIV. He said no, hung up the phone and she did not hear back from him. She then pursued criminal charges. Cartharn was arrested on June 12.

“We went through the court orders and legal things we had to do to find out if he, in fact, had this condition,” Lieutenant Chandler said. “In an interview with the detective, he admitted to having the virus.”

Thorsha Cartharn has been indicted on felonious assault and as of Tuesday still sits behind bars at the Franklin County Correctional facility.

To show how serious this is just earlier this month a man in Toledo was charged with murder after he was accused of not telling his girlfriend he was hiv positive and her death was attributed to aids.

Westerville police add to get tested as soon as possible.

“But our biggest reason for getting this out to the public is public health and public safety and we want people to know and to be aware so they can find out for themselves like I said if they did engage in risky behavior that they get tested,” Lieutenant Chandler said.

Anyone who believes they may have been involved with Cartharn since 2015 is being asked to call The Westerville Police Department.

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