POLARIS, Ohio (WCMH)–After Columbus SWAT officer Steven Smith’s funeral on Tuesday, a group of police officers went to the Red Robin in Polaris for something to eat.

But they didn’t have to pay a thing, thanks to a server who gave them all their meals for free.

The server, whose name is Jessica Dunbar, left a note on the back.

“Officers,” she wrote, “Your bill is on me today. I can’t imagine the day you all have had, let alone what you go through every day. I hope your days get better. So much respect. #WeSeeYou #PoliceLivesMatter #RIPOfficerSmith”

“I just wanted to do something nice,” Dunbar said. “You can’t put a dollar amount on making somebody happy.”

Lt. Jeff Shelton, with the Wellington Police Department, was one of those at the restaurant.

“It really touched all of our hearts,” Wellington said. “We weren’t expecting to be treated any different than normal, and just for somebody to come and do that, it really made our day.”

Dunbar’s father is a retired Blendon Township police officer. She says the death of Officer Smith made her think about her own family.

“He [Officer Smith] left behind a wife and kids. It could’ve been me. It could’ve been my dad.

“People look up to them [the police]. To have them shake my hand and say ‘thank you’ to me, that was incredible.”

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