COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A north Columbus cul-de-sac is being terrorized by a midnight dumper who’s repeatedly thrown debris onto their street — and even dropped off an imitation bomb.

Neighbors living in the cul-de-sac at Cherrywood Court in North Columbus said two people in a Ford F150 have visited their quiet lane about seven times since January, scattering construction debris including bolts, screws, and razor blades. The last visit was on March 3.

“It started off as drywall screws, but progressed into miscellaneous junk, car parts, tools, drill bits,” said Dan Kiser, who’s collected buckets of miscellaneous metal garbage. “Most got caught up in the snow and the ice. We made a pile and tried to take things out of the intersection. Later on, I saw kids jumping on the pile, and they didn’t realize there were razor blades and very harmful objects in there. It’s very disturbing.”

Events took a more sinister turn when what looked like a small bomb was tossed into the intersection with the cul-de-sac. It was a homemade electronic device with wires and a battery in a clear plastic box about six inches long.

Columbus Police came out and examined it, said Kiser.

“The gentleman that came out from the police department had a history in military explosives,” he said. “He looked at it for a while before he took it apart and took the battery out. He said he didn’t think it was actually explosive, but I wasn’t going to take any chances.”

Resident Katrina Kerns said they’re being terrorized.

“Our neighborhood, especially our cul-de-sac, is being terrorized by someone,” Kerns said. “Whoever is doing it, none of us have any idea. Instead of them addressing what their issue is, they’re putting everyone at risk. We’ve all had to replace tires, had to have tires plugged. We are afraid to leave the neighborhood.”

Neighbors have asked each other if anyone knows a reason why they’re targeted by the people in the truck, but everyone has drawn a blank, said Kerns, who adds that the Forest Park Civic Association is concerned the situation will escalate if it’s not resolved soon.

Police are looking for a dark, possibly blue or black, Ford F-150 Supercrew pickup truck, possibly a model released from 2015 through 2018, four doors, chrome door handles, short bed with a black bed cover. Rims are distinct – chrome alloy stock rims 10003, chrome door handles, chrome grille. Lateral bars are visible, but not clear; side mirrors may be black since the reflection is not as obvious on camera. Sometimes the taillights are off, other times on, but there are no license plates visible on either the front or back of the truck.

At the moment, police have a few suspects, but not enough evidence to move forward, Kerns said. Neighbors are appealing for anyone with information to contact Columbus Police Officer Scott Clinger at 614-645-1418 or email