LONG BEACH, MI (WCMH) — Graduation may not be until May 18 for some Mississippi seniors, but for Noah La’Cap he got to celebrate early with his dying father.

According to WLOX, Alfred La’Cap’s dream was to see his son receive his diploma. But with a prognosis of prostate cancer that dream was in jeopardy.

But Long Beach High School decided fulfill Alfred’s dying wish, and put on a graduation for Noah and his family.

“Considering the circumstances I felt like if we can bring a little joy to a family, then we’re happy to do that,” Larry Ramsey told WLOX.

Alfred will probably never see Noah get married, or start a family, but for one day, he got to see his son earn his high school diploma.

“I’ve been thinking about this for months now about how I’m gonna face the fact that he’s not gonna be there for all that, but then again he’ll be watching me from heaven. He’ll see me. He’ll be there for me,” said Noah.