COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The Franklin County Board of Elections is saying the reason that some voters received the wrong absentee ballot can be traced to a scanner that has been used by the county for close to 10 years.

“A scanner … wasn’t functioning the way it should,” board director Ed Leonard said, Wednesday. “It should be scanning the ballot and the envelope to confirm that the ballot and the envelope are the correct ballot and envelope that the voters should receive.”

Leonard said the machine is supplied by the vendor, BlueCrest, and contractors from the company are working with elections officials to determine why the scanner did not work.

A spokesperson from BlueCrest issued the following statement:

“BlueCrest supplies the machines to the Franklin County Board of Elections (BoE) and provides training and onsite support to the County employees who operate them. We are working closely with the BoE to resolve the issue both by identifying the root cause of the problem and putting additional measures in place to mitigate a reoccurrence. The accuracy and security of the election process is of the utmost importance to both BlueCrest and the Franklin County Board of Elections.”

According to Leonard, the machine is now fixed and corrected ballots will be mailed out later this week. He also said there are no plans for the board to replace the machine.

A record number of absentee ballots were requested by Ohio voters for the 2020 election.