PAYSON CANYON, UT (WCMH) — A nature photographer is claiming to have spotted what he believes to be Bigfoot while hiking in Utah’s Payson Canyon.

The video, sent to KTVX-TV, shows the photographer tilt the camera when he hears something to his right. That’s when a dark figure is seen walking upright on two legs, taking three steps.

But is it really the Sasquatch?

Many people who have watched the video believe it is, but others claim its just a guy in a gorilla costume. Becuase the video is so short, and kind of blurry, its hard to tell exactly what it is.

“I guess he could have kept the camera on longer and hoped it came back,” one viewer told KTVX-TV. “I don’t know. I’m not sure if he left right then or not but I probably would have left right after that. That’s pretty scary.”