COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Despite new safety initiatives by Ohio State University, some on campus say they don’t feel safe.

This week, within 24 hours two neighborhood safety notices went out putting some people on edge.
A robbery and an attempted robbery were reported on Thursday and early Friday morning.

Buckeyes For a Safe Ohio State, a group focusing on safety at the university, says this is becoming the new normal for students.

“They should be worried about getting to class and their exams and not about… getting mugged on the way home,” said Allyson Reid, Mother of an Ohio State student.

In a statement, an Ohio State spokesperson said: “This fall the university has implemented a number of measures to enhance safety and security off-campus, and major crimes in the University District have decreased significantly.”

The University says they have added multiple mobile lights and cameras and worked with the city to expand police patrols, among other things. Some students say they are seeing a difference.

“I do feel safe on campus, I think that some of the initiatives the university is taking are good,” said Dennis Pales, fourth year at Ohio State.

Other students say they want and expect more from Ohio State, despite the University increasing funding on security and safety by $2 million a year.

“I think they need to invest more, I don’t think that two million is enough when you think about how many students we have, how much we pay in tuition, things like that,” said one Ohio State student.