COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)–The folks who clear the snow from the roads to keep us safe have been training for months. On Thursday, they put those skills to the test with a little friendly competition in the annual “Snow fighters roadeo.”

The ROADeo is a way for drivers to get ready for the season.

One of the many challenges is maneuvering their giant snowplows through all of these orange cones. The task is not easy. Drivers said it’s important to sharpen up their skills and maybe even walk away with some bragging rights.

“Oh yeah especially some of the more senior guys they like to have bragging rights of who did better than who and who scored most on what, everyone needs training,” said Snowfighter Rodney Mollette. “I don’t care how long you’ve done it you can always be refreshed to learn something new when it comes to safety you can never do enough.”

Rodney Mollette has been a driver for 22 years and has participated every single year.

The obstacle course wasn’t their only challenge for the day. Drivers were judged on their ability to operate the front-end loader, which is used for getting salt in the plows or removing snow from the roads.

This year about 50 snowfighters from the Franklin County Engineer’s Office and local townships competed in the roadeo.
The Franklin County Engineer Cornell Robertson said this is the 35th year they’ve held the event and shows just how crucial it is.

“This training is geared towards hands-on focusing on skills focusing on safety focusing on routes and also material distribution and this kind of gets everyone in the mindset,” said Robertson.

Robertson stressed no matter how prepared drivers are safety also falls on the driver.

As we get into the winter season remember to stay vigilant on the roads and give snowplows plenty of room.