COLUMBUS (WCMH) — As a piece of legislation in their daughter’s honor was introduced on Wednesday morning, Lisa and Toby Tokes spoke together publicly for the first time since Reagan Tokes, their oldest daughter, was abducted, raped and murdered in early February.

The couple has been working with lawmakers for months on the Reagan Tokes Act, which addresses four areas within Ohio’s criminal justice system they want to see changed.

“It’s just devastating as parents. You never get over it,” Lisa says of the scenario that took Reagan from them. “It’s always there. It’s always with you.”READ MORE: Reagan Tokes Act introduced in Ohio Statehouse 

Reagan was a psychology major at Ohio State and was just months from graduating. She was abducted on the night of February 8 and was later found shot to death at Scioto Grove Metro Park. Police charged Brian Golsby with her murder, abduction and rape in the following days. Golsby was under GPS surveillance but was not actively monitored, one of the four areas the Reagan Tokes Act addresses.

“What was taken away from us … Something positive had to come from it,” says Reagan’s father Toby. “God finds way to do good in all things. Even evil.”

The proposed legislation will also make sentences indeterminate for first and second degree felonies, as well as third degree violent felonies. It also addresses programs responsible for helping violent and dangerous felons re-enter society; additionally, new guidelines would be set for parole officers to ensure proper oversight.

Lisa and Toby know the pain of losing their daughter will never leave them. But they say it could prevent others from suffering the same tragic fate.

“She would want us doing this at this point,” Lisa says. “She would want us trying to make something positive from this terrible tragedy.”