CINCINNATI, Ohio (WCMH) — A puppy thrown to the roadside in a backpack was rescued by a garbage truck driver who gave her a forever home.

Aaron Kinsel was making his rounds on Wednesday in Colerain Township, near Cincinnati, when he saw a backpack moving near the roadway.

When he got out of the truck and unzipped it, he found a 10-week-old, Boxer-mix puppy.

Rumpke’s safety team picked up Tipper and took her to the veterinarian’s office. The vet said the puppy had a broken leg and dehydration.

“I felt like I was meant to find her,” Kinsel said.

He is calling her Tipper, and he’s adopting the dog into his family.

A tipper is a driver’s helper, a mechanism used on the back of residential garbage truck that helps pick up trash containers.

Local authorities are involved, and Rumpke is offering complete cooperation with an investigation.