COLUMBUS (WCMH) — A dinosaur dubbed ‘Elvis’saurus, who was discovered by a Buckeye, could be on display at OSU, if a fundraiser and a group of preschoolers make it happen.

Officials at The Ohio State University’s Orton Hall Museum are raising money through Crowdfunding to try and bring a skeletal cast of that dinosaur to their museum. A group of preschoolers and their mom’s pitched in with their own fundraiser.

The morning started for the kids dressed as dinosaurs with a museum tour.

“Alrighty lets go into the museum kids,” said Curator Dale Gnidovec.

Through Crowdfunding the museum hopes to raise $80,000 in March.  The idea is to put a full skeletal cast of a dinosaur in the hall’s lobby. It was discovered in the Antarctica by retired Geology Professor David Elliot and is being stored at another university.

“We have a saying in our business, every third grader is a paleontologist and a major dinosaur skeleton like Cryolophosaurus will really excite kids about science,” said Gnidovec.

“I want to see the glow in the dark rock?” asked preschooler Garrett Strouse. “Yeah they are down there behind that curtain!” Gnidovec replied.  “I know that!” Strouse said as he scurried through the museum dressed in his dinosaur costume.

Jill Hoff brought her daughter Anna Marie to the museum tour and fundraiser. “I think for many little kids it is the first time science is real, they go from make believe to something they can actually see, there are actually dinosaurs and bones.”

The preschoolers mostly dressed in dinosaur costumes, took a break from the museum and marched across the Oval, yelling ‘get your cookies’ to astonished students and staff. Many of whom recovered enough to pick up a dinosaur-shaped cookie and donate towards the cause.

“We have a bite-size goal if you will of $100 today to adopt a tooth and $500 by the end of March to adopt a bone,” said Erin Strouse, Organizer and mother.

If enough money is raised to buy the 25-foot dinosaur, it will reside in the lobby of Orton Hall.

Gnidovec said if enough funds are raised they hope to be able to change other exhibits in the museum, many of them have been on display since 1981 and are in need of updating.

Online donations can be found at or in the donation box in the museum. You can find more information about the preschooler fundraiser on Facebook at Dough for Dino.