TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Cannabis for canines and cats is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to treat pain for your four-legged friend.

It’s such a growing trend that many veterinarians are turning to holistic healing, using oils and even edibles.

Could medical marijuana hold the key to helping our furry friends feel better?

For many people, their pets are family.  Many people are now seeking a more natural approach to health problems when it comes to their pets.

Tampa Bay medical marijuana activist Christopher Cano shared the story of success he saw in his pup, Sadie.

For the sweet, wide-eyed mini Dachshund, the theory behind the “pot for pets” phenomena worked wonders.

Cano told News Channel 8 it saved Sadie’s life.

“I saw her there helpless and suffering. I knew I had to do something,” he said.

The tiny pooch was helpless, suffering from a seizure. It was a terrifying moment for Cano’s family, seeing Sadie in pain.

“A lot of us have animals that we care about very much, and we want to see them better. We want to see them live better quality lives,” he said.

Sadie was given cannabis oil as she began having a seizure, and within seconds, the seizure stopped.

“I was shocked and surprised. To me, it was a hail Mary. It worked. The prayers were answered,” Cano said.

Dr. Anne Lampru is a holistic veterinarian in Tampa and has been treating man’s best friend for 37 years. Over time, she began to realize that a more natural, organic approach to medicine was not only popular, but practical.

“In Chinese medicine they say, ‘you can lop off the branches, or you can try to get to the root of the problem,'” she said.

For this holistic healer, helping Fido feel no pain should be based in nature, not narcotics.

Dr. Lampru uses a variety of cannabis products to help sick or injured pets, from edibles, to capsules, to oils.

“Pain relief, cancer control, anti-nausea, for those that are on chemo, it’s effective,” said Lampru. “This is just the cannabinoid oil. This is not anything with the psychoactive effect at all.”

How are these oils and edibles legal? According to experts, the products contain an extract of cannabis called cannabidiol, which is considered a hemp product. It is legal in the United States.

Lampru said these oils are the most effective in pain relief for your pet.

It is certainly good news for Sadie.

“If medical marijuana treatment oil is something that is the future of veterinary medicine, then why not?” asked Cano.

The FDA has not approved the product, citing that there is not enough research to show its effectiveness.

Still, pet owners agree that it is highly beneficial to their animals. The state of Nevada recently shot down a proposed law that would’ve allowed veterinarians to prescribe cannabis to pets.

Lampru explained that, as in humans, the treatment differs from patient to patient.

“I do not prescribe this to all pets. I picked the appropriate cases and it can be highly effective.”