HOUSTON, TX (WKBN) – Waste Management announced Wednesday that they will pay a $2,000 bonus to every North American employee not on a bonus structure or sales incentive plan.

Most of the employees to receive the bonuses will be hourly workers.

The company said they were handing out the bonuses “in light of the meaningful contributions of its employees and the new U.S. corporate tax structure.”

“We are about to get a tax benefit as our U.S. corporate tax rate goes from 35 percent to 21 percent. In considering how to best spend that, we wanted to find a way to help grow our economy, which in turn, will help grow our business, and give some of the tax savings back to those hardworking employees who do not get the opportunity to participate in our salaried incentive plans,” said Jim Fish, president and chief executive officer, Waste Management.

Approximately 34,000 Waste Management employees could receive the bonuses.