COLUMBUS (AP)– The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, or ECOT, possibly closing in the middle of the school year has some parents afraid of what it would mean for their children.

This closure comes because ECOT wants Ohio to stop its attempt on recouping $60 million or more in disputed funding.

“I was a little freaked out,” said Kelly Connerton, whose child is enrolled in ECOT.

She said she did not know that ECOT was considering closing its doors in the middle of the school year, and it would have a major impact on her 9-year-old son Travis.

He is in his fifth year with ECOT, and the fourth grader can easily navigate through all of his assignments on this somewhat complex online system.

Connerton says she was never notified that ECOT is thinking about closing within months and that would leave her son without a school in the middle of the year.

“We were going to abruptly have to change and I was not prepared for that to happen,” said Connerton.

She said Travis could miss two to four weeks of school if this happens, because she would have to get all the paper work from ECOT to a new charter school for approval, which she worries about.

“I fear that if they do close abruptly that we’re not going to have access to those records,” said Connerton.

She said she will try to get answers from ECOT this week, but will reluctantly begin the search for a new school for Travis.

“We will prepare for the worst, be ready to know where we want him to go if ECOT should close.”

Connerton said she hopes they get through this school year, but will look for a different online charter school this summer.