AUSTINTOWN, OH (WKBN) – Police arrested two women during an undercover investigation into prostitution in Austintown Township.

An officer contacted a number listed online that police say advertised escort services.

During their conversation, police said a woman agreed to sex for hire and said it would cost $300 for her and her friend.

Erica Kent, 41, and Kelli Ketterer, 37, were arrested early Wednesday morning when they arrived at the meeting location, according to a police report.

Police said Ketterer had a crack pipe containing residue and condoms in her purse. Kent had Suboxone film with no prescription, according to the report.

Ketterer was charged with soliciting sex, possession of criminal tools and drug paraphernalia.

Kent was charged with soliciting sex and possession of a Schedule III controlled substance.

Police said the man who drove the women to the area, identified as Daniel Mason, was charged with driving under suspension. Officers were unable to determine if Mason was aware that Kettering and Kent were about to engage in prostitution.