Staple restaurant at Youngstown Warren Regional Airport closing

VIENNA, OH (WKBN) - Mikeee's II Airport Tavern has been a staple at the Youngstown Warren Regional Airport for more than a decade but on Wednesday night, it'll be serving up food and drinks for the last time.

Karen Porter, the manager at Mikeee's, said as the commercial flights at YNG started dwindling, they saw fewer customers coming in. When Allegiant's flights stopped completely in early January, the restaurant had to make a tough decision.

"It's upsetting for everybody," Porter said. "All the employees, all the people that come in here."

The tables are set, complete with plenty of paper towels - all there for the Wednesday Wing Night crowd.

"Everybody's in the kind of partying mood tonight because it's going to be the last night," Porter said.

She said business at the restaurant was doing great when Allegiant was flying to destinations like Punta Gorda. At its prime, it was serving food and drinks six days a week around the flights leaving and landing at YNG.

But last month, the airline stopped its services there and Mikeee's cut back to just two nights each week.

"We just couldn't keep up anymore with the bills and stuff, and had to call it quits," Porter said.

Western Reserve Port Authority Aviation Director Dan Dickten is optimistic that space won't be empty for long.

"Hopefully, we'll attract another restaurant operator here in the near future when we do have something to provide with respect to air service," he said.

Mikeee's expects a good crowd to come out for its last night at the airport after 12 years.



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