COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)–After years of waiting, sports betting clears a huge hurdle at the Ohio Statehouse. All that is left is for Governor Mike DeWine to sign the bill into law.

The agreement this week came about from bipartisanship. That paves the way for Ohioans to place bets on their favorite teams and players.

“It wasn’t as hard as we made it out to be,” said Rep. Kent Smith, (D) from Euclid, Ohio.

The bill was passed by both the House and Senate on Wednesday and allows for three different sports betting licenses. Ohioans will have the opportunity to bet using their phone, at a physical location, or even at a bar using a kiosk. Each license has its own regulation, rules, and price.

“The revenues it can generate, the business it can bring, especially the way that we did the bill by targeting those revenues into education and into communities can have a magnified impact,” said ep. Casey Weinstein, (D) from Hudson, Ohio.

Once the governor signs the bill, it will have 90 days to go into effect. As of now, lawmakers are predicting January 2023 as the start date.

“I think we’ll be anxious for the first bet to be placed but I think there’s a lot of excitement. unfortunately, many states have beat us to the punch and finally, we’re there as well,” said Sen. Niraj Antani, (R) Miamisburg, Ohio.

A percent of the revenue will go to problem gambling services. The Problem Gambling Network of Ohio SAID they are concerned the state will see more issues.