COLUMBUS, OH (WCMH)- Ohio’s Redistricting Commission is falling behind when it comes to deadlines, and members said they are committed to a bipartisan, transparent process.

September 1 is the commission’s first deadline, and members have acknowledged they won’t be voting on a map by then. So far, the commission has held ten public hearings, and the first map was not proposed until Tuesday during the commission meeting. Members met to review the rules of the process and Senate Democrats submitted their map.

“That’s why we introduced the map, we’re trying to edge them on a little bit,” said Sen. Vernon Sykes, (D) Akron.

Lawmakers said the delays are due to COVID-19 which postponed the census results. They are now working on having a map to hold public hearings and a vote on by September 15.

“It is hard, I think sometimes it’s oversimplified in the public eye, why don’t you guys sit down with your Ohio road map and pencils and get this done?” asked Secretary of State Frank LaRose, (R) Ohio.

Once a map is proposed, the commission will hold three public hearings from around the state and members of the commission said they will be listening.

“Seeing where it can be done better, or where there may be a constitutional violation and suggesting those kinds of changes and I think they’re very significant,” said House Speaker Bob Cupp, (R) Lima.