COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The Ohio House has unanimously passed ‘Collin’s Law’ to create more severe penalties for hazing.

Collin’s Law would create harsher penalties for hazing, including making it a felony when drugs or alcohol are involved. In addition to harsher penalties, Collin’s Law would come with a transparency piece. Every six months, organizations will have to report any student conduct violations they’ve had, allowing students and families to see those reports.

Senate Bill 126 was approved by the House Friday afternoon. It already passed the Senate. It will go to the governor’s desk after the Senate agrees to small changes made by the House.

The bill is named for Collin Wiant, who died in a hazing incident in 2018 while a pledge at the Sigma Pi fraternity at Ohio University, and now his parents are pushing for Ohio lawmakers to pass Collin’s Law.

Last year, the bill made some progress in the legislature, passing the House, but was not voted on in the Senate before the end of the session.