WASHINGTON (WCMH) — Less than a month after the swearing-in of the newly-elected Congress, and with the 2024 election cycle already kicked off, a new national poll shows little enthusiasm for two likely presidential candidates. 

The second part of the poll released by NBC News on Tuesday showed that two-thirds of respondents held at least some reservations about the 2024 candidacies of both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. 

Pollsters from both Hart Research Associates and Public Opinion Strategies conducted the poll from Jan. 20-24, in partnership with NBC News. It had a 3.1% margin of error, polling 1,000 adult voters. 

Voters “uncomfortable” with both candidates

Just under half, or 48%, said they would be “very uncomfortable” with a 2024 run from Biden. More than half, or 52%, said the same about Trump. Nineteen percent said they “have some reservations,” about Biden running in 2024, and 12% shared the same level of reservations about Trump. 

Only 7% of people polled ranked themselves as “enthusiastic” about Biden for a second term. Trump captured about 15% of enthusiasm. 

Trump kicked off campaigning for a second stint in the White House in mid-November with an announcement from estate and club Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla., just days after the midterms. Biden has yet to publicly announce his status as a 2024 candidate. 

The question only asked respondents about the possible candidacies of Biden and Trump, requesting they rank their feelings about each person as either “enthusiastic,” “comfortable,” “have some reservations,” or “very uncomfortable.”

Biden’s approval rating hung at 50% disapproval in the latest poll.

Newly-elected Congress, one month in

The bulk of the poll results were published by NBC News on Sunday morning, and while it was close, Congressional Democrats showed a slight edge over their Republican counterparts.

Thirty-six percent of people polled said they had either a very or somewhat positive opinion of Democrats on Capitol Hill, while 27% said the same about Republicans.

It was closer when it came to policy-setting, with 48% of respondents wanting to see Biden and Democrats taking the lead on the agenda and 45% wanting to see Republicans at the helm.