CLEVELAND, OH (WCMH) — With Sunday’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Cleveland Browns are officially 0-16.

There have been talks since last season about a possible ‘perfect season’ parade, and it’s going to become a reality this weekend. The man who organized the parade now has just five days to get everything together.

Cleveland Browns Head Coach, Hue Jackson, “I get it I know about the parades and everything that’s going to be said,” said Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson.

The man who started the whole idea actually lives in the city of Granville and he promises he’s a true Browns fan.

“You’re the Browns players you’re the Browns front office you’re the Browns personnel or the Browns coach Hue Jackson you guys aren’t supposed to like it. You’re not supposed to be happy that we are out there you know quote on quote celebrating 0 and 16, because you guys are professionals, were supposed to win,” says parade organizer Chris McNeil says.

It all started as a simple tweet last year by Chris McNeil. After a bad play, he said the Browns deserve a parade. It received hundreds of comments., McNeil filed for a permit with the city of Cleveland – it was approved and now the parade is scheduled for Saturday, January 6, 2018.

“So the route is going to start at Al Lerner Drive right in front of the stadium first energy Stadium. And it’s going to go around the stadium forms a big loop a big zero for the number of wins we had this year,” said McNeil.

Thousands have responded saying they are attending the parade.

“This is for the fans that have shown their own dying loyalty to an organization that doesn’t deserve it see you there @reflog18,” McNeil said, reading a message on Twitter.

McNeil says there’s been some hate mail too of some thinking he’s making fun of the Browns. McNeil says he is a true Browns fan.

“I’ve got season tickets and we’ve had season tickets off and on since the mid-80s since the great days of the Browns Bernie Kosar with Kevin Mac I could go down all the rosters and almost name all the players nowadays you can’t really do that obviously,” said McNeil. “It’s passed down from generations to generation that I’m huge Browns fan and my great-grandfather was, my grandfather was, my dad is, my mom is my whole family is so we’ve been very invested in the Browns for a long time.”

The parade is scheduled to begin at noon in Cleveland on Saturday. More than 25 floats are already signed up and McNeil said the brand Excedrin has signed up as a sponsor as McNeil says who better since he adds the games can be painful to watch.