DICKSON CITY, Penn. (WBRE/WYOU/WJW) — Police in Pennsylvania say they responded to a reported exorcism at a home improvement store.

The incident took place on Monday at a Home Depot in Dickson City. According to officials, people were holding an exorcism for the trees on the lumber aisle.

Dickson City Police responded to a call of “bad behavior” at the store and escorted those involved out of the facility without incident.

The incident was shared in a daily crime report on the police department’s Facebook page, prompting response from several social media users.

“I feel slighted. I wish I could witness an exorcism in the lumber aisle of Home Depot,” wrote one person.

“How does a wood exorcism happen in 2021 and not a single person in Home Depot videoed this for our entertainment? I need answers,” said another.

One woman even said, “Whoever did the exorcism, let’s be friends please.”

Police say that no charges have been filed at this time.